Burrizza Con Papas – A Super Bowl dinner we can all enjoy…

In honor of the forthcoming Super Bowl on Sunday, I feel that it is appropriate to share this recipe! A*#holes, start your engines!!!


  • 2 Medium Domino’s Pizzas (can substitute with cheaper pizza if it can be found)
  • 8 Taco Bell Bean Burritos
  • 3 Large Orders of Freedom Fries


  1. Call Domino’s and have them make the pizza
  2. Go to Taco bell drive-thru, order and pickup the burritos
  3. Visit your favorite Freedom Fry producer and get the fries
  4. Go to Domino’s and pick up the pizzas
  5. Place the burritos and fries atop the first pizza, then place the second pizza face-down above the first. Enjoy!