Taos Ski Valley 2nd Annual Summer Wine Festival

Taos Ski Valley Summer Wine Festival is Here!

Taos Ski Valley Summer Wine Festival

Taos Ski Valley is ramping up to host their second annual Summer Wine Festival this coming weekend August 17th-19th. Great wine, fantastic local food, and unparalleled company. Last year’s inaugural festival was a blast. We danced, we laughed, we sipped, we noshed, we sipped again. And amidst all the merriment, I even learned a few things too: a) There’s nothing like taking the time to kick back and relax with family and friends when the opportunity presents itself. And, b) I suck at wine tastings.

This should not have come as a surprise to me. However, after my third hefty sip of a full-bodied Cab/Bordeaux/ Big Bold Red Monster Vintage of Doom, I quickly realized I was not going to make it through the evening if it kept on keepin’ on. I am however, a firm believer that bubbles make everything better. I ditched my idea about what I should be doing, and switched to sparkling white. The rest of the evening was smooth sailing. I guess you could say that’s why I’m so ebullient about Taos Ski Valley’s second annual Summer Wine Festival. The Festival made it through the fires of just being another pie-in-the-sky one off “Taos” event to being “a thing.” The Summer Wine Festival has staying power. Not only does it have a stellar team of organizers, but at its heart it brings what we all hold dear about Taos — community.

I asked Cecilia Cuff, one of the Summer Wine Festival’s chief organizers, a driving force behind Parse Seco, and one of the visionaries of this past spring’s Winter Arts Gala (I’d say calling her passionately driven at this point is an understatement) why she felt this element of community was such a cornerstone of the event. She said, “Everyone in Taos deserves a release after working hard to make summer in our town such a success for outside visitors. We have created Taos Ski Valley Summer Wine Fest as a time for everyone to kick back and take a moment together to rekindle old friendships, strengthen existing ones and make new friends. This is a weekend for locals to check in on Friday, indulge and enjoy, then checkout on Sunday refreshed and ready.”

[Spoiler alert look for a link at the bottom of this post for your chance to win free passes and do just what Cecilia’s talking about]

What’s New This Year at the Wine Fest?

So, what’s on tap, or is it more appropriate to say “in cask?”, for this year’s event? Seriously folks, it’s bigger, better, and… there’s a pool!

Firstly, this year’s festivities will have a great soundtrack. AJ Woods will be performing experimental folk music at the Pig Roast — oh yeah, don’t miss that one! DJ Gabriel Jaureguiberry will be spinning tunes at the aforementioned pool party. And Albuquerque’s Concepto Tambor will be performing their percussion-based Afro Latin infectious dance grooves at the main tasting event.

Secondly, did I mention there’s a pool? Here’s the pool bit straight from Cecilia’s own mouth: “Taos Ski Valley‘s pool is now open and we are excited to throw our first pool party. Hosted by Edible Magazine complete with live music, massages and a selection of radlers by Union Wine company. Fun in the sun surrounded by beautiful aspens.” Uh… yes please! Oh, and a radler, for those of you wondering, is a delicious, fruity, summertime BEER beverage. I’m blowing up my inflatable beer coozy as we speak.

And thirdly, there’s also a Friday evening event called a “dine around” which Cecilia says, “will include wines paired with an amuse-bouche and entree course presented by three of Taos Ski Valley’s talented chefs.” The evening will conclude with epic stargazing of our dazzling sky presented by Geoff Goins of Night Sky Adventures  through the largest telescope in New Mexico. Phew! Now that’s a already a full weekend, and we haven’t even gotten to Saturday yet!

Saturday: The Taos Ski Valley Wine Festival Grand Tasting & More…

Just like last year Saturday late morning/early afternoon will be chock full of fantastic mountain activities. After perusing the rather diverse menu, I decided that my favorite must be “Sunrise Yoga for Late Risers.” I’m appreciative of anyone who fights for their right to party and still makes it to their mat.

Taos Ski Valley Summer Wine Festival

I asked Cecilia about other activities planned for Saturday. She’s got a favorite! “The highlight of Saturday’s activities will be Andy Lynch of Common Fire teaching a tea class introing the world of tea, and it’s juxtaposition to the rules and regulations of the wine world. Anyone who knows Andy can vouch that this will be one seminar not to miss!” She also says, “We will also host sunrise yoga for late risers, horseback riding, fly fishing, rock climbing & hiking.” For a full schedule of all events, tickets and other pertinent information visit TSV’s website

And of course, Saturday night is the main event — INDULGE! Tent after tent of great tasting wines and beer coupled with fabulous food, smiling faces and the invitation to RELAX.

Now I’m going to assume that somewhere around the words pig roast and amuse-bouche — or maybe I had you at New Mexico’s largest telescope? — that you clicked away from this post and bought your tickets immediately. But if you’re still waffling, I’m sure there will be some of those at the champagne Sunday brunch. You could try your luck and click RIGHT HERE for your chance to win two free Saturday passes and a 1 night stay. Whatcha got to lose?

Also, Cecilia is adamant this event really is for everyone. “For those who want to have a great weekend, but don’t have the extra cash to spend on a ticket, there are volunteer trade opportunities available so that everyone can enjoy the fest. Please email [email protected] to find out more about the volunteer trade opportunities.”

Now, many of us know that there’s a nail-biting, gray hair inducing amount of hard work that goes into pulling a massive weekend like this together. Sanity becomes a luxury.  So, I had to know what Cecilia herself was most looking forward too. She so selflessly replied, “I am most looking forward to seeing everyone leave on Sunday with satisfied smiles on their faces , looking forward to next year. This means that I’ve done my job. I’m also looking forward to the Edible Magazine pool party with DJ Gabriel Jaureguiberry. His encyclopedia of classic music is unmatched.

There you have it. Classic music, classic wine, crisp mountain air, and don’t forget the radlers. My inflatable coozy is ready to go!