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About Mel A. James

Mel has always had trouble focusing (look, a puppy!) but maybe that's not such a bad thing when it means exploring a diverse range of interests like writing, photography, metalsmithing, dancing, acting, and even a little puppetry. She is a sucker for all things furry, most things scaly, and some things slimy.

The Bridge

She holds up her smartphone to take a picture while her friend poses: one arm outstretched, touching the steel, a large smile as she faces southwest to ensure the looming mountain as a backdrop.  Further down, another cr...

A Taos Day with an Old Friend

We looked at the weather forecast — and at first, 47 degrees seemed too cold. You’d think, after living 7 years in Taos, we’d know better. We’d know that a sunny, 47-degree day is a gorgeous day t...