Taoseno’s Play is Serialized on JukePop

As they say, everything old is new again — so I can’t say I’m surprised to find that, along with bourbon, mustaches, and bow ties, the Dickensian art of the written serial is now making a comeback (thanks, Internet!). The form is cropping up all over the place online, and at JukePop Serials they’ve revived the concept with a cleverly-designed audience-engagement mechanism — readers cast votes for their favorite serials, and the top 30 authors are rewarded (with real cash money!) each month. Readers can also offer reviews, comments, and suggestions after each chapter, allowing the author to make real-time adjustments to their storyline based on community feedback (which actually sounds somewhat terrifying to me, but then again, I don’t write serial fiction).

We here are LiveTaos are real excited to let you know that JukePop Serials is now running ZEITGEIST, U.S.A., a play by Taos’ own John Biscello. It’s quite an accomplishment just to be selected for serialization, as the site is apparently somewhat backlogged with submissions. His is also the first play they’re serializing — up til now they’ve only run prose — so good on ya, Biscello!

john biscello

ZEITGEIST, U.S.A. is described as a modern satire spun from penile-enlarged celebrity, 80s music, Irreverent Conception, and other things essentially American.

You can read installments here once a week. You don’t have to have an account to read the first chapter, so it’s at least worth checking out — but I suspect many of you will slide happily down the rabbit hole into this vast and rapidly-expanding world of contemporary serials.

You’re welcome.

John Biscello’s ZEITGEIST, U.S.A
Now running on JukePop Serials