Sirsasana II, Headstand Variation II

sirsasanaAs the tulips bloom and the lilacs prepare to open it is hard to not feel the same elated inner delight. This week, as an invitation to explore the feeling of full bloom, is the invitation to turn you body upside down.

Sirsasana II, also known as tripod headstand, is a fun way to celebrate and express the nature of inner delight and spring time bursting.

Begin on all fours with your hands shoulder distance apart.  Place your head onto the mat about a forearms length forward of your hands.  The alignment of your hands and head are what create the stability of the foundation upon which you balance so take the time to be accurate and make as close to a perfect triangle in distance as your inner mathematician likes.

Inhale to lift your knees off of the mat and begin to walk your feet toward your hands.  Once you lift your knees you have a bit more room to adjust the positioning of your head.  In this posture you want to be on the crown of the head with the front and back of the neck of equal length.  If the floor is too hard you can always place a blanket under your head.

Grip your fingertips to the floor as you press into the knuckle pads at the base of your fingers and hug your shoulders firmly onto your back.  Inhale to lift one leg toward the sky. Spread the toes on both feet, hug your legs toward one another and lift the second.

This pose can always be practiced at a wall or just one leg at a time.

Any time you invert your legs above your heart and head your whole body feels better and your spirit more light.