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About Devin Myers

Troubadour, Musician, and New Mexico born Renaissance Man, Devin has been legendary in many different ways, known coast to coast as The Southwest Kid. Honing in his skills growin' up a lot in Austin, TX, passing through his home in NM while living in Northern California for his most recent years. Touring, writing, playing, changing, and experiencing this life that he is so lucky to enjoy, hate, and all in between. No article or bio will ever be able to cover a speck of his life entirely -- being back in Taos, he is working hard to be part of a community again. He does not work on Taos Time so excuse him for his Jack Hammerish motivation. He is your Utility Knife -- Use Him!!!

Rodrigo y Gabriela — 9 Dead Alive Review

So these 2 beautiful intergalactic musically uncanny beings have done it again, creating what I think is their best album yet for sure. Their first hit song in 2009 was “Hanuman” and I feel like this whole al...