Rodrigo y Gabriela — 9 Dead Alive Review

gab and rod coolSo these 2 beautiful intergalactic musically uncanny beings have done it again, creating what I think is their best album yet for sure.

Their first hit song in 2009 was “Hanuman” and I feel like this whole album has the feeling of that song. The album is called -9 DEAD ALIVE- I guess because there are 9 tracks and each track is dedicated to a specific individual including one song dedicated to Mother Earth (word!).

Inspirations for these songs include: Harriet Tubman, Antonio de Torres Jurado (greatest Spanish guitarist of the 19th century), Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (17th century writer, feminist, nun), Gabriela Mistral (Spanish poet), and a few others. This is their first studio album as a duo in 5 years. If you are not familiar with Rod y Gab, then, my “I just got internet” friends, today you are reading the right article.

Quick history: “Mexico” Girl meets Boy — they start a metal band called Tierra Acida (check it out on youtube), band breaks up, Boy and Girl move to Ireland and become super popular playin in the streets/clubs/coffee shops, and pretty quickly they get picked up on European festival circuits and gained a huge fan base by performing this Flamenco/Rock/Metal/Percussive, highly-addictive flavor of nylon string sex.

Seeing the crowd go crazy for these guys like they were Metallica or something was a sight to see (amazing). Equal trade-offs, Rodrigo is like an Aztec Warrior of the gods with fingers that carry all elements and emotion through a precise weapon-like hand, plucking-tapping-banging-sniping and flicking, touching every cell in your body.

Gabriela, well, let’s just say I’m usually more into bass-player chicks, but this WonderWoman almost makes me cry tears of jungle rain every time I hear her play. She is the percussion — the rhythm guitar — sometimes lead guitar — and the heart and soul of this duo, while never leaving her guitar. Her style is so unique, old school, rarely seen, and takes a huge toll on her hands, which makes for precise touring so her hands don’t get too beat up. A kiss on the cheek from Gabby is on my bucket list for sure, all I can say is “Damn!!!” So go check out their previous 7 albums, and fall in love as I did.

9 DEAD ALIVE was recorded at their studio in lxtapa, Mexico by Fermin Vasquez Llera. There is not one skippable song found on this album. Definitely rated E for everyone, I give this album 5 stars — music like this will live forever in our hearts and ears. I’m so glad I found these 2 amazing souls, and I could go on and on about these guys so I hope I inspired a few to check’em out.

Much Love and Music!!! Untill next time.

gab and rod beenie

They will be coming to RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER on August 17th, 2014 — I wouldn’t miss this opportunity get your ticket now, Taosenos!!! Also keep a look out for a documentary on the two, called “For Those About To Rock” directed by Alejandro Franco.

2002: re-foc
2006: Rod y Gab
2009: 11:11
2012: Area 52
2014: 9 Dead Alive

2004: Manchester & Dublin
2008: Japan
2011: France

They also were featured in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” Stranger Tides Soundtrack with Hans Zimmer, which has some amazing pieces.

gab and rod get it