Cafe Tazza launching Locals Series

cafe tazzaCafe Tazza and ElectricLuLuland are launching a “Locals Series” on Friday, Feb. 22.

They’re shooting to book local talent for every other Friday, and have lots of dates still available.

Here’s what you need to know about Caffe Tazza as a venue — they can’t pay anyone outright, you can ask for donations and sell merchandise, and they can fit an audience of about 40 inside (when it gets warmer, the patio increases space.)

They’re one of the few a good all-ages venues in town, because they don’t sell alcohol (if you’ve never been there, Tazza is one of Taos’ oldest coffeeshops). The space available is ideally suited to intimate ‘living room’ style concerts, but heck, they’ve hosted a punk band too.

So, give them holler if you’d like to book a show: Facebook- caffetazza taos, email caffetazza(at)