Gypsy-swing band Caravan of Thieves comes back to KTAOS

Caravan of Thieves — that colorful, talented, funny, “gypsy-swinging serenading firebreathing” band from, somewhat surprisingly, Connecticut — is coming back to Taos today (Thursday, October 17).

Led by the captivating Fuzz (the whole band is really good, I mean the violinist positively shreds, and the bassist drops into that classic full-body groove with his upright while never missing a note, and everyone knows I love a good lady-guitarist — but there’s something especially remarkable about watching Fuzz perform, in his tiny hat, especially when he drops his guitar and STOMPs it out with wooden spoons on pots and buckets) and his sweet-voiced wife Carrie, they’re the perfect band for this wintry-autumn weather we’re having. One of those fun-for-the-whole-family, high-energy shows that’ll warm you right up with their percussive, danceable, freak-embracing tunes.

Last time they came to Taos there was a disappointingly small turnout, so we’re hoping to drum up some more audience for them this time around! Here, allow them to prove to you how much fun you’ll have:

Although it bears saying that the videos don’t really do them justice — this is a live-show kind of band, and we definitely recommend you check ’em out.

Caravan of Thieves
Thursday, October 17, 7:30pm
$8 at the door
KTAOS Solar Center