Ardha Uttanasana, Half Forward Fold


Suki Dalury and Genevieve Oswald in Ardha Uttanasana. By Zoe Zimmerman for Sundara Studios 2013

As we step over the threshold into a new year and out of the old, we have an exciting opportunity to adventure forward with enthusiasm looking out toward all which we have the potential to become.  New Year’s resolutions offer such wonderful opportunity for deep and lasting change and can be successful when attended to daily, with mindfully committed and loving presence.

Ardha Uttansana, half forward fold, is a transition pose, reflecting the life-enhancing self-empowerment that can be gained through mindfulness and presence during these transformative times in our life.

Begin standing tall, and exhale to bow and touch the floor.  With a deep inhale create strength in your legs, hugging skin to muscle, muscle to bone, and lifting energetically from your feet to the core of your pelvis, honoring and remembering where you have come from.  As you charge the strength in your legs, press the tops of your thighbones back while lifting through the back of your torso, the front of your spine long.

Though all this action takes place in one breath, mindfully unwind your spine from the base to the crown, making a little back bend in the low back and upper back.  Embody the gift of being an explorer in your unfolding life as you gaze forward into the unknown future with bravery, standing strong in the knowing of where you have come and the desire that drives your heart to where you are going.

Always an adventure, life is a series of wild discoveries of treasures and deep heart opening lessons.  Enjoy the sweet breath between the unknown and the known as you float on the wings of your intentions through this passageway of self-transformation.

Exhale to release when ready and bow sweetly into your willing openhearted beauty.