Utkata Konasana, Goddess Pose

Suki Dalury in Utkata Konasana, by Zoe Zimmerman for Sundara Studios 2013

Suki Dalury in Utkata Konasana, by Zoe Zimmerman for Sundara Studios 2013

Stories of gods and goddesses are extraordinarily powerful.  The power of these stories invites us to step into our own embodiment of such archetypes so that we may experience more of our own innate power more often.  Many asanas are like these powerful stories, they ignite deep fires within that bring to the surface qualities of our being that may have been dormant and once released or realized change completely the quality of our lives.

Goddess pose is a simple yet powerful pose. It enhances the strength of our legs while stimulating the reproductive organs as well as the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Begin with your feet just slightly wider than your hips and your toes gently turned out. Inhale to stretch your arms upward toward the sky and exhale to sit into your seat as you bend your elbows to 90 degrees with your palms facing forward.

Be mindful that your knees are extending out over your second toes and your shins are perpendicular to the floor. With another inhale draw your feet in toward one another making your legs strong. Keep your legs strong as you move your groins back, feeling an exaggerated curve in your low back.

Exhale to drop your tailbone toward the floor and scoop your pelvic bones underneath you as you bend more deeply into your knees and extend them wider apart. Inhale to lift your heart and stand strong and fierce in your innate power.

Hold for 10-15 breaths and with an inhale press into your feet to stretch your legs long while reaching your arms up alongside your ears. Exhale to bow forward and touch the floor, turning your toes gently into one another as you look into your beauty and all that you are made of.