Quiet the Chatter with Sirsasana 1, Head Stand

Genevieve Oswald in Sirsasana 1 Variation (Bent Knees), by Zoe Zimmerman for Sundara Studios 2013

Genevieve Oswald in Sirsasana 1 Variation (Bent Knees), by Zoe Zimmerman for Sundara Studios 2013

Approaching the end of the year it is common to feel ungrounded, disconnected, and overwhelmed. A yogic way to connect the experiences you are having beneath the surface of your skin to the experiences you are having beyond it, is inverting, getting the head below the heart. Sirsasana not only offers the incredible physiological benefits of an inversion, but also the pressure put onto your head helps to quiet any excessive chatter that exasperates any feelings of emotional and spiritual disconnection.

In the beginning, practicing Head Stand at a wall invites a feeling of safety until you refine your movements enough to comfortably balance in the middle of the floor.

Begin in table top on all fours; place your elbows on the floor shoulder distance apart interlacing your fingers. Look at your thumbs and breathe gratitude into your heart as you inhale. Exhale to slide your shoulder blades onto your back while pressing the outsides of your wrists down, then place the crown of your head onto the mat between your wrists. Inhale to lift your knees and hips toward the sky. (If your head or neck experiences any pain, come out of the pose and try a different placement of the head.)

Press your feet into the Earth to lift your hips and walk your feet toward your heart, bending your knees, taking your sitting bones high toward the sky. Inhale to lift one leg long off the mat, squeeze it strongly into the midline and with an exhale hop off your bottom foot to kick both of your feet over your head.

Hold for as long as you like, then take child’s pose before returning to the day more connected to your heart.

*Inversions are not recommended for those with high blood pressure.