Parivrtta Utkata Konasana, Goddess Pose, Twisting Variation


Suki Dalury in Parivrtta Utkata Konasana, by Zoe Zimmerman for Sundara Studios 2013

It’s spring, which also means its allergy and sniffling season, cleansing and cleaning season, bursting and blooming season, translating finally into the season for twists and purification. As the goddess Earth pushes forth all her magical goodness of new life we too can enjoy the refreshing zest of vivacity that is spring. This week an invitation to honor the goddess, cultivate the strength it takes to generate fresh being, and yield the old through the detoxifying and empowering pose Parivrtta Utkata Konasnana (goddess pose, twisting variation).

Begin standing and separate your feet to twice the width of your hips. Inhale to draw into your innate nature to craft with the currents and force of the ever-evolving nature of nature and exhale to rotate your hips outward. This rotation of the hips will externally turn your toes away from each other.

Inhale, again drawing into your internal power and exhale bending deeply into your hips, extending your knees out over your toes. Place your hands on your thighs close to your knees and inhale to lift your waist out of your hips, your ribs out of your waist, your chest out of your ribs, and your head off of your chest, growing tall in your spine. Exhale to twist your long spine to the right, pressing your hands wide against your inner thighs while drawing your tailbone downward toward the floor and your gluteal muscles inward toward one another. Looking over your right shoulder, breathe deeply. With your inhale extend your spine long, with your exhale twist your abdomen more deeply to the right and draw your shoulders more sweetly onto your back to support the opening of your heart in this strong, powerful, and warm twist.

Inhale to unwind and switch sides.