Sacred Geo: a Runway Vigilantes Multimedia Event

sacredWhat do four months; thirty-plus people; ten films; three screens; fourteen awesome artists from multiple disciplines including fashion design, film, sound, photography, yoga, and Qi Gong; and just about one of the coolest concepts to be explored and reinterpreted by anyone in a long time, all have in common?

Not only the fact that we are all lucky enough to call them neighbors, but they just so happen to be the creative minds and talents behind Sacred Geo, the latest Runway Vigilantes production.

The show appears tonight and Saturday night at 7pm in the Harwood Museum’s Arthur Bell Auditorium (call to order tickets in advance or go early, this show is likely to sell out!).

The muse for this event came from a concept that Shawna Yambire (the event producer), had been studying. Sacred Geometry in this interpretation refers to the geometric patterns that are reflected in the natural world, human bodies, and the cosmos. It is an idea that inspired the group collectively and individually. Each artist was given the freedom to interpret the concept in their own way. This has lead to an in-depth exploration of movement, pattern, geometric shape, fabric length and color.

The overarching goal for this event, according to Yambire, is to create an experience that the audience will find “beautiful, meditative, and restorative.” Be prepared to be enveloped in a world of sound and imagery.

Participating artists include:

Matthew Thomas
Shawna Yambire
Sasha Raphael Vom Dorp
Oliver Knight
Peter Walker
Brigita Lacovara
Liz Passman
Celina Porter
Tatyana de Pavloff
Elizabeth Haidle
Nina Silverberg
Matthew Ladolce
Sophie Lenoir
Liz Neely

Get your tickets by calling (575-758-9826) or stopping by the Harwood Museum of Art (open between the hours of 10am – 5pm Tuesday through Friday); $25, $20 Harwood Members.