Taos Center for the Arts introduces Encore Gallery Series

IMG_1119In January, the TCA introduced a new and (we think) exciting once-monthly musical endeavor: the Encore Gallery series. Hosted in, you guessed it, the Encore Gallery — otherwise known as the art-filled lobby of the TCA — this series is designed to showcase acoustic music in an intimate setting.

The kickoff performance on January 17th featured the Art of Flying, local duo Dave Costanza and Anne Speroni. Art of Flying is wonderful in all sorts of settings, but this is my personal favorite way to see and hear them — in the company of people who actually came to listen to the music.

Listening to Art of Flying play to a quiet room is a tremendously moving experience — as Sarah Hart so aptly put it the other night, “No band’s name has ever fit the band more perfectly.” You find yourself wandering through their often-elegiac lyrics and unusual harmonies to quiet places in your mind that you’d entirely forgotten existed. Framed appropriately-eerily by the current TCA art exhibit, whose theme I missed but which seemed to feature mostly faces and eyes, this concert is likely how I will best-remember Art of Flying in years to come.

So there we were: a respectful but friendly audience, come to listen closely to music; to ask some questions of these artists who are also longtime members of our community; and, let’s not forget, to drink some delicious beer provided by Taos Mesa Brewing. A truly lovely way to appreciate local talent.


I asked Taos painter and TCA board member Conrad Cooper for some insight into this new music series, and here’s what he had to say:

“Live music is wonderful in a bar setting, but is often background to our conversations and socializing. The Encore Music Series puts the spotlight on the songwriting and musicianship of the performers in an intimate setting, and allows for question and answer dialogue to give the audience some background and insight into the process and motivations of the musicians.”

Thanks, TCA — we’re looking forward to the next one.

Art of Flying live at the TCA Encore Gallery:


Upcoming performances in the Encore Gallery Series:
Thursday, April 25th: Mary Bruschini’s Choir

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