PASEO Pop-Up Strikes Again!

The PASEO first exploded into our community during the fall of 2014, transforming our streets and outdoor spaces into an interactive art playground full of magic and wonder for all ages. With unbridled enthusiasm and straight up joie de vivre the festival has become a major annual event for our town, and is now on its third year. In addition to the main event the PASEO also occasionally collaborates with other artists and organizations to introduce the Taos community to a new media or performance artist. 

This Friday August 26th from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the ToolBox, the PASEO will showcase the work of two local artists that will be part of the main festival at the end of September.

IMG_7446_2_2Leah Buechley is a Peñasco resident and former professor at MIT media lab. During her time at MIT, she conducted a research group called High-Low Tech. High-Low Tech combines electronic tools with materials that are easily accessible, and not usually associated with science, such as textiles. The fusion of these materials allows an interactive experience for participants to forge their own artistic relationship with technology.

For her piece at this year’s PASEO entitled Attic Windows, Leah is working with eighth grade students from Anansi Charter School to construct a patchwork light quilt. The quilt will consist of  student created squares that glow in response to touch. This Friday’s Pop-Up will be the initial results of an all-day workshop where students create their individual squares that Leah will then weave into the quilt for this year’s festival.

IMG_0263-001Joining the festivities will also be local fashion designer Patricia Michaels, recently of Project Runway fame. She and Leah will be collaborating on a PASEO 2016 event for children called Shine On!, a hands-on ten minute activity which allows participants to create their own light-up jewelry based on designs made by Patricia and powered by paper-based circuits created by Leah.

Both artists will be on site Friday at the ToolBox to talk about their work, and the art and science behind it. Students will also be present to talk about the day’s experiences.

This workshop and its resulting Pop-Up is one of 12 organized by STEMartsLAB@ThePASEO. PASEO co-director Agnes Chavez developed the program to reinforce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principals using art. Every Taos middle and high school, from Questa to Ranchos, collaborates with a PASEO artist to create an art installation or performance for this year’s festival — happening September 23rd to 25th, 2016.

Come on down to the ToolBox at 107 Civic Plaza Drive Friday August 26th, and put a little light in your life!