Whirled Wide Web – End of April

I spend a lot of time online. Here are the weird, stupid, and amazing things I discovered at the End of April. Some of the links were emailed to me – Thank You! I lay no claim to any of the content presented – I am merely a memetic catalyst.



Colbert on the Boston Massacre – Hilarious take on the solidarity in Boston

The Foot Powered Lathe

QI Priceless Punchline

Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter – Punch yourself in the face – right now!

Steven Spielberg’s “Obama” – Brilliant and Funny

Ronald Davis

Ice Flow on Medicine Lake

Brushy One String – Chicken in The Corn

Italian Time – A ballsy maneuver

Family Guy on Movie Intros – One joke in five years? Not bad.

Lie Witness News: Coachella 2013

Ridiculous Backflips

Three Miles North of Molkom – Energy Defense – Force fail!

Bert Kreischer – The Machine – Hilarious

UNICEF Sweden: Likes Don’t Save Lives

The New Arrested Development is Near – May 26th on Netflix



Horsehead Nebula with IR

Karymsky Volcano

The 22 Countries Where Great Britain Has Not Had a Military Presence – So close!

This is HEAVY! – Doc!

Aqua Dome Austria

Eco Fro

Living Wall in Paris

Wooden Bathtub

Ducks in Hyacinth


Banpo Bridge South Korea

Hold On a Sec

The Sun

Tattooed Eyelids

Vroom Vroom Sculpture

Cats Love Boxes

Turbo Mow

Tippi Degre – The real life Mowgli; raised in the wild until she was 10.



ONION: Chechen Stereotypes in America

Bacteria Churn Out Biofuel – Compatible with most modern engines

Detroit is Getting a Robocop Statue – Not the symbol the city wants; the symbol the city is going to get…

Uncovering Da Vinci’s Tree Rule – Thank god for undergrads

29 Signs You Were Raised by Hippies – Hitting pretty close to home on this one…