Encouraging people to follow fear is not leadership

Governor Susana Martinez has once again proven she is a good Republican. Too bad she is an unworthy defender of American values. Fear mongering is the lowest political act. She should be ashamed at participating in what is so clearly both a purely political move and a racist move.

Encouraging people to follow fear is not leadership. Denying sanctuary to those in desperate circumstance is cruel. And segmenting Syrians and those of the peaceful Islamic religion is not only inaccurate it is dangerous.

Terror extremists come from UAE, and Saudia Arabia, much more than from Syria and Iraq. The Republican party needs to confront the actual source and funding of Jhaddist — not the innocent families who are fleeing terrorism.

Shame on you, Governor Martinez. You represent a state that has more diversity than most, yet you act like an ignorant white bigot. You embarrass this citizen of your state.

Cristy Holden
Taos, NM