TCEDC: Taos County Economic Development Corp

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1021 Salazar Rd

Taos, NM,


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As a 501(c)3 CDC, social justice issues are at the core of all activities, programs and projects. In our mission to “support the food, land, water and cultures of the people of Northern New Mexico,” TCEDC has focused on: maintaining equity and ownership for land-based people, overcoming poverty, and providing access to education, business and other sector opportunities. In this historically agrarian region, the Food Sector represents an appropriate, relevant, and viable economic opportunity as well as a means to hold on to tradition, culture, and quality of life. The marginalization of this rural community and its ties to agriculture has fueled TCEDC’s efforts to demonstrate that sustainable “livelihoods in agricultural and food-related enterprises are vital and successful strategies for limited resource food producers, particularly women and people of color.” TCEDC’s accomplishments illuminate the possibilities that exist for communities that engage in relationships that support the values of the people and provide an environment for encouragement and assistance.

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