TAOSFOLK Brings Taos Artists Together in Summer Pop-Up

TASOFOLK Summer Pop-Up will feature local Taos artisans and their works of art for the month of July. Housed at the Stables Gallery, TAOSFOLK is not new to the pop-up scene, but this is the first summer it has offered affordable art from local Taos folk. The store has had a history of popping up during the winter holiday season. But this year, Cathleen Lambridis has taken over, and she has lots in store for us at this inaugural summer TAOSFOLK.

TAOSFOLK will show affordable art, most of which is under $100, and a select number of items up to $1,000. It includes marvelous and well-priced handcrafted jewelry, weavings, lights from rusted objects, origami books, hand painted silk scarves, and whimsical pottery pieces. There will be trees with intricately pierced tin ornaments and colorful leather jewelry, vases and jewels made from cracker jack charms and scrabble pieces, Churro sheep felted place mats and polka dot plates and wet felted hats, planters and backpacks.

The opening for TAOSFOLK (housed at the Stables Gallery behind the Taos Inn) will be on July 3rd at 5:00pm, and will feature music, food and merriment for all. Then the store itself is open everyday from 10:00-5:00 everyday until August.

There are 38 artists sharing their work in TAOSFOLK. Here’s a taste of what you can take home from this summer pop-up store, and the participating artists.

The Artists

Julia Sumner

Julia believes in quality products that last for a lifetime with little or no need for repair or replacement.  All of her original designs are hand cut and hand sewn piece by piece.  Why does she hand sew instead of machine sew ?   Sewing by hand is much more durable allowing for tighter stitches that will not rip, snap or unravel – allowing for a much higher quality item.  Find more of her work at her Etsy shop  and at her website.

Jeanne Halsey

The majority of Jeanne’s work is created with sheet metal which is commonly termed ” tin work “.  Although she uses traditional tools, her goal is to push away from Spanish Colonial design to a more multi-faceted and contemporary realm by including other materials.

Siri Soule

Siri is the owner of TaosSoule and REVOLVE design which are the latest outlets for her lifelong love of design and fashion. Visit her Etsy Shop for more of Siri’s work.

Ben Curry

Herdja ( Nordic word for shepherd ) is a felt making company, owned and operated by wet-bellied Ben and Punjab the Mule.  As crazed artisans we are set on making useful and elegant products out of local sheep wool.  The work showcases the natural sculptural qualities of wool, which is shaped, not cut and sewn.  This process is called wet felting.

Carolyn Schlam

Carolyn was born in the Bronx and now happily lives in Taos.  She has authored two books on art and written and illustrated several children’s books.  Her pieces are whimsical in nature, created of glass, ceramic and found objects, including soft dolls, my children’s books, prints and cards.  For more info visit her website.

To meet these artists, and to experience and buy their art, visit TAOSFOLK, the pop-up store at the Stables Gallery for the month of July. For more information on these artists and the other artists showing in TAOSFOLK, visit their website.


TAOSFOLK  pop-up store
Stables Gallery (behind the Taos Inn)
Open every day 10 am – 5 pm, July 3 – 31
Opening celebration July 3 – 5 – 7 pm at the Stables Gallery