TaoSatva: Local Dance Studio Brings New Energy

The room at TaoSatva is filled with natural light, with sunlight pouring in from the well-placed windows. The wooden floor is spring-loaded, which means it goes easy on your feet as you move throughout the space. There is a wall of mirrors on one side, but these can be covered with curtains, if desired. The building is beautiful and commands sweeping views of the Taos plateau and the mountains. It is well equipped for a variety of activities — in addition to the gorgeous 2000 square foot dance space, it is outfitted with a loft area, LED lighting with dimmers, updated restrooms, and ample parking.


This building has seen some turnover since its inception: first it was the Bette Winslow Dance Studio, and then it was home to the Taos Academy of Dance Arts (TADA), but the latest iteration feels like the space has finally come into its own. What happens now at TaoSatva is a wide variety of movement modalities — not just dance, although there is plenty of that, but if it involves bodily movement, there is a good chance it’s happening here.

A quick glance at the website reveals the following: Tai Chi, QiGong, West African Dance, 5 Rythms, multiple types of yoga, SOMA shape shifting, labyrinth walks, and Nia. Now, while you may be familiar with some of these practices, some of them might be a little unfamiliar, so let’s dive in a bit.

Tai Chi and QiGong are both considered “meditation in motion,” based on martial arts, but with slow deliberate movements meant to channel energy. The health benefits of these gentle practices are numerous.

Want to get your sweat on? Come try out the West African dance classes — these are high-energy and highly aerobic, driven by the rhythms of live drumming.

5 Rhythms is a style of dance meditation, meant to awaken the spirit within. In addition to the regular Sunday morning “dance church,” there is the occasional multi-day workshop or intensive to deepen your practice.

Have you heard of Nia? Nia is a mind/body/spirit conditioning program that draws from a multitude of sources, including yoga, martial arts, and modern dance. It’s an innovative approach to healing the body through movement.

For something a little different, take a look at Soma Shape Shifting, which involves movement improvisation and guided exploration. Express creativity and joy by moving your body. 

In addition to the multitude of unique movement modalities, there are also many styles of yoga offered: Jivamukti, Amani and gentle yoga. And the space also hosts the occasional indoor labyrinth walk.

The new owners of TaoSatva, Keith Spear and Cathy Black, have made it their mission to improve quality of life through movement, and the upgrades they have made to the building, along with the variety of classes they offer, is evidence of this – their wish is that the space should foster creativity and healing. And should you choose to host an event of your own, the building is available for rent.

Come see what TaoSatva has to offer!

TaoSatva is located at #2 Upper Colonias Road in El Prado. Visit their website For Class Schedules and More Information.