Root Down with a Spring Challenge

root down

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Here at LiveTaos we’re suckers for thrown gauntlets, especially when the ones being slapped in the faces are, well, ourselves. Besides, binging on things that make you feel healthy means you can feel better about all the other things we do that aren’t so healthy. But before we start analyzing the psychological implications of these habits, let’s get back to what this is really all about.

It’s obvious, right? We’re talking yoga and self-care. A whole month of the good stuff.

Every spring and fall, the fine ladies of Shree — namely Suki Dalury and Genevieve Oswald, along with a league of talented and loving teachers — extend a challenge to our community. At its simplest: hey you, do some yoga!  Now, back in the day, the idea was, sign up at your leisure and push yourself to do 20 or 21 classes in a 30-day stretch. That’s a lot of yoga! But this year, put your big boy/girl/boygirl yoga pants on, because for the month of April, we’re all in this together.

Starting April 1st, Shree invites you to  Root Down with 30 classes in 30 days. All yoga, all the time. That’s right — this year, you don’t have to waste any energy agonizing about which days you’ll be going to class and which days you can take off. Because there are no days off. Boom.

Root Down is about more than just 30 days and nights of yoga in the desert. There will also be opportunities for discounted self care off the mat, ranging from juice coupons to discounted body work sessions.

Here at Live Taos, editors Rita O’Connell and Gina Gargone just couldn’t say no for a chance to radically change our schedules, habits and  perspectives to accommodate a 30-day yoga journey, if only to see what we come out looking like on the other side. Luckily for you folks at home — and those of you on the mat with us, of whom we hope there shall be many — we’re also going to be writing about it. That alone should prove for interesting reading, as Gina is an experienced yogi (in fact, a trained teacher) with hundreds of hours under her belt, while Rita is an experienced, um, novice, with balance that can be described as mediocre at best and discipline that crumbles at the whiff of a nice Irish whiskey.

Together, they’ll embark upon this spring journey of self care, and report back regularly. We hope you’ll come along.

Find out more details about the yoga challenge for yourself: check out Shree on their website or their Facebook page.

Now’s the time to place your bets on how long it will take us to collapse into a watery heap of tears, hamstrings, and self-doubt — or emerge victorious, glowing, and bendier than ever before. We’re banking on some combination of the two. Stick around.

Shree’s Root Down Challenge partners so far include:

Self-Care Partners: Brian Flynn Taos Massage Wizzard, Kim Fleisher ReikiTaos, Inner Farmacy Ayurveda, Sajit Greene Soul Path, Visudha de los Santos Gong Journeys, Ginger Pizzurro Intuitive Guide, Jerusha Rone I Heart Shree Challengers Bodywork, Patrick Shaw Thai Massage, the Love Apple, Cid’s, Wild Leaven Bakery, Zabu Zabu hand-stitched zafus, Sundara Studios, Blue Spirit Wheel kirtan, and Sol Food, Ojo Caliente, Taos Honey, Sophia Wise One, and Beth Searcey’s bodywork magic.

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