High Frequency Loft: An Idea whose time has come—to Taos

A series of synchronicities have brought the High Frequency Loft to Taos.

Or rather, synchronicities have brought both Alana Lee and Colton Silva, co-founders of High Frequency Loft, who carry San Francisco in their bodies, to Taos.

They also carry the habits of mindful movement and hosting uplifting events—their dual inspirations for opening the High Frequency Loft in Taos—in their bodies, and it shows in everything they do.

Things like hopping in a car and driving from San Francisco to Taos in December 2016. Like seeking out and finding a hip live-work space that serves as both their home and their new business on Gusdorf. Like transmuting their varied backgrounds in sports, circus play, and acroyoga into a dynamic new offering in Taos. Within just four months of their arrival, they have opened the doors on the High Frequency Loft, where they host everything from yoga classes to Kirtan to movie nights, all in a family-friendly, sober atmosphere.

High Frequency Loft

But then, these kinds of choices are in character for both Alana, a trained gymnast, dancer, yoga instructor, and (get this) horse-vaulting extraordinaire, and Colton, an experienced athlete and trainer. Together, they instruct Introduction to Acroyoga, an aerobic form of partner yoga focused on engaging and strengthening core muscles. While they are both quite practiced and model advanced acroyoga poses with ease, they emphasize the accessibility of the poses for beginners. They encourage curious community members, including those with little to no experience in yoga, to come try an Intro to Acroyoga class Fridays at 3pm, an Acroyoga class for Ninja Kids Fridays at 11am and/or an Acro Warrior Teens class Fridays at 2pm. They also host a variety of daytime classes, including belly dancing, pilates, and yoga flow, taught by a diverse group of local instructors. As they are quick to point out, teens are welcome to join any adult class.

At High Frequency Loft, Alana and Colton offer classes by day and host a series of events at night. Collaboration with other local professionals and groups has been an early and impressive feat for this duo. They have made several connections in the community already, including friends of theirs at FREQ Streetwear, Neopasado Food Truck, and Taos Alive. In fact, many of these partnerships have already led to class and event ideas, such as an all-ages Zentangle drawing meditation class with Sue Leslie on April 21st at 9:30am and an Essential Oil Spring Cleanse with Jeanne Collins on April 30th at 2pm. A Kirtan, live music with singing and chanting, will be led by Alana Grier and held on April 29th at 7pm. Thursday nights feature Ecstatic Dance with DJ Julia Daye. Upcoming movie nights include a screening of the animated film Moana on April 21st at 6pm and of the documentary What the Health? On May 19th at 6:30pm.

High Frequency Loft

The space transforms from a yoga studio to a concert hall to a movie theatre as needed, evolving and multi-purpose, depending on the specific needs of each event. One thing that does not shift is their incredible energetic presences holding space, and that all of the events in this venue are alcohol-free. Actually, Alana and Colton even recommend not drinking before attending events in the space, to get the clearest experience (and highest frequencies) possible of what the space has to offer. However, these events are not food-free. Neopasado Food Truck will cater delicious, wholesome meals (by donation) for many of the upcoming High Frequency Loft events.

Both Alana and Colton want to foster a sense of community in their new space. They seek “to offer what’s not here” elsewhere in Taos (Alana) and “a place to come re-center” (Colton). Their energetic approach to yoga and family-friendly, sober events with a goal of raising the vibrations here in Taos are what they see as setting them apart. They also emphasize that this is not a hangout space; it is meant for purposeful activities. For example, when they teach vinyasa yoga poses, the aim is “to build internal heat through movement and breath through linking poses, moving from pose to pose, to be present, and to engage in cardio, strength, and balance training” (Alana). In other words, don’t expect to come to High Freqency Loft and simply lie around. This is a charged, active place, which one glance at their schedule of upcoming classes  and events will tell you.

High Frequency Loft

Last but certainly not least, the space is also available for rentals on evenings and weekends. Other individuals or groups interested in renting the space can charge entry for an event or host a free, by donation only event. High Frequency Loft assists in promoting events in their space. Call 758.7852 for more information about rentals.

So there you have it, a vibration-raising, toe-tapping, thought-provoking, yoga pose-inducing, healthy habit-forming, circus-inspiring wonder space, newly opened and running in Taos. You may say, we have yoga here already. We have sports and movies and high vibrations already in Taos. All I can say is, not all together in one, sober, family-friendly space. Not in this way. This particular combination is a unique offering, one that could only have come from this combination of so many disparate elements, and from this particular set of synchronicities.

The High Frequency Loft is located at 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite Q (next to the Taos Jewish Center and Defendu Academy). Hours of Operation are Mon-Sun, 7am-10pm. For more information call 575.758.7852 or email them at [email protected]

All photos courtesy of Alana Lee.