Steve Storz: Graphite & Gizmology

Saturday , August 6th, 2022

3:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Bareiss Gallery

Steve Storz exhibits a wide array of his artwork-drawings, paintings, and steel & electronic sculpture – Aug 4-29, 2022. Career artist more than 40 yrs, mostly in Northern NM, the raw, quirky energy of the Southwest enhances his work.  Media remark, Steve Storz as “gizmologist”, “techno-sculptor”, having “mad scientist sensibilities”, (his mark) “scurries across surfaces and builds impossible organisms”.

Drawings reflect internal struggles. He invites you to sit in that uncomfortable space that leads to self discovery.  Sculptures expose the inner sanctum of obsolete machines. Rescued technology is transformed into new objects with quirky movement, sound and light.  You’re encouraged to really let go-evaporate time! Just be with the work.