Satsang with Neelam: Surrender, Nervous System, and Money – “Uncoupling” the Past for Trust & Awakening

Sunday , July 31st, 2022

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

0-$285 Sliding Scale

Virtual Event

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Money has become synonymous with survival and in our deeper conditioning a substitute for self-worth, power, meaning and so on…

Topics that Neelam May Address in this Program:

  • The true meaning of Surrender
  • Realizing the origin of all movement and experience
  • The many aspects of Trust
  • Nervous System — how unresolved Past affects our present experience
  • Understanding Money
  • How Money becomes a substitute for a measure of self worth, power, importance and how it “couples” with our survival instinct
  • “Is anything needed for our survival right now?”
  • We are always supported in Presence 
  • How to Trust when past is Present
  • Nervous System and need for Capacity so that we can Be Here
  • Trauma Past symptoms and its effect on our ability to Be Present
  • How to Be Here when trauma past is Present