Jr. Ninja/生活 ー 呪術  SeikatsuーJujutsu

Friday , September 29th, 2023

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

$12 drop-in. Class passes available.

High Frequency Loft

Adult Ninja and Junior Ninja. Both adult and junior classes are self-defense martial arts class based on the traditional martial arts of Japan, with a mix of many other martial arts from around the world. We focus on what works and test the techniques against increasing difficulty of resistance. We also focus on the inner work of martial arts, including meditation, mindfulness, and Self-Mastery. Note: The Junior Class is appropriate for children 8+ years old who are able to consistently follow directions. For children younger than 8, parents are encouraged to participate in the class.

This Martial art style was developed over 40 yrs ago based on the Bujinkan Samurai Martial arts System. Skill sets have been practiced Developed and tested in real life situations. Here at this school we practice and develop real life saving techniques. We are not limited to practicing Taijutsu (Hand to Hand) but we cover 18 skill sets ranging from Evasion, Hiding, Balance Development, Climbing, & much more!!!

    This Style of Martial Arts is centered around the 5 Elements ~ Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, & Void! 

  • Students will also learn to discover more about themselves through a Detailed Self-Mastery Pro                           V/R

  • Application Required for this Program, Apply with Kajika

                  Anshu: Kajika C. Littlefield