Earth Daze, 10% off, and More!

Saturday , April 20th, 2024

All Day


Mountain Monk Coffee

Every day is Earth Day within the portal we steward. That’s why we choose our milks based on the environmental impact to land and water usage and you’ll only see compostable/recyclable products being used for takeaway. We support local, organic, non-GMO. We work with other companies that share like-minded values, and we take in mugs and recycle them back out to you to save on paper as we can…

This weekend we want to see you!

So we’re giving 10% off kitchen entrees all weekend!

Sunday morning we’re hosting a Ranchos Street cleanup! Music at 11am!

And Monday we’ll have a community yoga offering, 10am, in the garden to ground and bring forth all the seeds from within and bring them to life 🌱