SOMOS launches Storied Wheels

storied wheelsOn October 23rd there will be a launch party for the newest SOMOS publication, Storied Wheels, at Taos Mesa Brewing at 7:00 PM.

The second book of  the Storied publication series features meaningful stories and memories filled with a lot of depth from the authors. Using  a moment in their life that defined them, these stories have beautiful underlining meaning from local writers in Taos, NM. I’m excited to announce this event, not only because I am a featured artist, but because of their cause. Storied Wheels isn’t just a book, its an opportunity.  For me, this book is the encouragement that gives me the confidence to continue on with my path.

“As a board we were looking at fundraising ideas. We thought, how can we help local writers have a way to express themselves?”  said SOMOS board treasurer Prudy Abeln.


Jake the Greeter Dog!

I decided to meet up with Prudy, to ask her a few questions about the series. I was enchanted as I drove up to a beautiful scenic establishment called the Dreamcatcher B&B here in Taos. I was greeted by quite the impressive greeter dog, Jake.

It’s a very elegant place. I had the pleasure to also be greeted by Abeln. I appreciated the great customer service I saw as I watched Prudy greet some guests, and break down information to them. She seems very knowledgeable about the town and establishments within. I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I heard of this place before? Its such a peaceful location.” Abeln mentioned the Dreamcatcher has been running for 25 years.

After sitting  at the breakfast table with a cup of tea, we began our interview:

The Storied publication debuted a few years back with their first book, Storied Recipes, inspired by Bonnie Lee Black (writer, teacher, chef). The book features creative stories involving recipes. I found out about this book after its publication, but if I could have contributed I probably would have written about my favorite memory of baking holiday cookies with mom, and the recipes we made together 🙂. For many of these authors, I’m sure that was their drive as well.

“We sold 600 books so quickly, we realized we were onto something.” Abeln said, smiling.

The Storied Wheels edition was inspired by some of Prudy’s guests at the Dreamcatcher.

Prudy Abeln, SOMOS Treasurer

Prudy Abeln, SOMOS Treasurer

“One day, I was sitting around our bed and breakfast table, and everybody started talking about their cars. Some were talking about grandpa’s pick-up truck. Some were talking about road trips when they were in college, and at that point, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh! Everybody has a story about a car.'” She pitched the idea to the SOMOS board, and they realized they were on to something again.

The mere idea that they would allow so many aspiring writers and authors to publish a short story is amazing. To me, it feels as though they are bringing a little heart back into the town, because a lot of these stories have heartfelt experiences, real emotion, real memories, and cherish-able moments. These authors are trying to recapture this moment that defines them.  If you can write it, you can submit it.

Abeln mentioned that she chose to write a Storied Wheels story about a road trip in college. She’s from Minnesota, and found it quite humorous that she ended up where she did.

“When I was in college, I had taken a road trip that ended up in Chama, and it was because we got lost,” she said, as we shared some laughs over it.

If you haven’t heard of Storied Wheels, it’s definitely a book everyone should be checking out. The book launch party is open to everyone. Some of the authors will be reading their stories, and if you purchase the book that night, you can also have some authors sign your copy. I highly encourage anyone who knows me or my family personally to support the cause. My story is a dedication to my late father, and anyone who knew him will greatly enjoy the story — it explains why he and I were tethered so tightly.

And for the people I don’t know, or those of you who know other authors in the book, I highly encourage you to come participate in the launch. It’s going to be a great event!

Copies of both books are available. If you’re looking to purchase either of the two, you can contact SOMOS (233 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, phone: 575.758.0081).

Storied Wheels Launch Party
Thursday, October 23. 7pm
Taos Mesa Brewing