Give Grande, Taos

give grandeMay 6th marks Give Grande, a first-ever statewide day of giving to nonprofit organizations. Over 400 New Mexico nonprofits have registered to participate, including 48 Taos-area groups. Give Grande is part of a national initiative called “Give Local, America!” which was dreamed up by the National Community Foundations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American community foundations.

The event is straightforward: a full 24-hours of giving, starting at midnight and ending 11:59 on the 6th. And, because nothing drives selfless giving like public competition, you can track the leaderboard all day tomorrow to see how your favorite nonprofit is stacking up, and guilt your friends into opening their wallets.

All kidding aside, Taos has a truly staggering number of nonprofits offering a tremendous varity services to our community. From clean water to local theatre, from literature to midwifery, there’s an organization looking for your support no matter what your preferred cause.

Here’s the full list of groups from ’round here that are on the list. You can give via the “Give Now” link next to each org name, or you can donate in person at KTAOs between 5 and 10pm tomorrow.