Get Your Health Insurance On

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance plans through the Health Exchange has begun.  Do you have insurance?

For the 2015 Coverage year, if you do not qualify for an exemption and you do not have some form of qualifying health coverage you may face fines of $325.00 or 2% of your income — whichever is higher per-household member.

You are considered covered under the health care law if you have any job-based plan, any plan you bought on your own, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan), and many other kinds of coverage.  There are also circumstances that may qualify for an exemption from the fee.  A great resource for anyone looking for more answers about the health exchange can be found here.

Taos Health Systems’ staff of Enrollment Counselors can help you find an affordable plan that fits your needs.  If your income is below the federal poverty guideline for your category- for example for Adults that is income below 133% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, for a household of one, this would mean making $1,294.00 or less per month, our office also provides assistance with Medicaid applications.  Call our Community Services Office to learn more and enroll or re-enroll in a plan that meets your needs.

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