Cruisin’ With Seed Broadcast

SWAP Poster_12x18_blank_72Anton Chico is home to Seed Broadcast, but, more often than not you’ll find them on the road.

As progenitors of native heirloom seeds, they actively engage in the acquisition and dispersal of a variety of seeds, as well as the wisdom that comes along with them regarding how their best grown. IMGP3600

We ran into them this past summer at the Tewa Women United’s Gathering for Mother Earth, and found them rather erudite on the topic of native seeds and all they mean to us.  Here, one of the founders, Chrissie Orr breaks down what it is and how they do it.

Go to their website for inspiring stories from those who share in seed exchanges and check out their mobile- interactive Seed Broadcast van.

ABOUT SEED BROADCAST (from their website):

“SeedBroadcast is a collaborative project exploring grassroots seed action through collective inquiries and hands-on creative practices.  Throughout the year, we gather to discuss critical issues surrounding seed and food sovereignty, visit local farms and gardens to experience what is happening in the field, and engage in creative projects, to dig deeper into the real how-to’s of local agri-culture. SeedBroadcast believes everyone in our communities, possesses a genius of place that nourishes our sustenance. This is the fluid, dynamic, and innovative knowledge we uncover, in ourselves and the world around us, that pollinates our thinking and grows our gardens, as creative forces to be reckoned with. These are our seed stories, voicing a declaration of food for thought, vitality, and our future, while countering the political and economic domination of our current life-blood: our food, seeds, and natural resources.”