Whirled Wide Web – Mid May

I spend a lot of time online. Here are the weird, stupid, and amazing things I discovered in Mid May. Some of the links were emailed to me – Thank You! I lay no claim to any of the content presented – I am merely a memetic catalyst.



Daily Show: CNN News Slaughter – Holy shit

Miyoko Shida Rigolo

Thai Pile Driver

Clay Pigeon Golf Shoot

CONAN: Jack McBrayer & Triumph at Wiener’s Circle

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Labor Pain Simulator – Hilarious

Simpson’s Intro by Robot Chicken

Racist Captain America – Funny

Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” – Amazing dancer

ORACLE Team USA – Fun on Foils – Awesome

Speed Kills – Cheetah – 0-60 in three strides

Holland. The Original Cool. – Brilliant ad

John Merritt, Wood Carver – Amazing skill

Catalunya 2009 – Rossi and Lorenzo – Unbelievable motogp race finish

Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross on Language

Swedishness – Hilarious

The Future is Now

Intelevator – Fun prank

The Perfect Guide to Holiday Etiquette

Dance With My Father Again – What a voice



World’s Smoothest Bartender

Interesting Fountain

Bed Boat


Ellen June’s Creations

Feline Strategery



3D Scans of Caterpillar Metamorphosis

Tweet Map Reveals Racist Hubs – Fascinating

 Molecular Trigger for Alzheimer’s Disease Identified