Whirled Wide Web – Mid April

I spend a lot of time online. Here are the weird, stupid, and amazing things I discovered in Mid April. Some of the links were emailed to me – Thank You. I lay no claim to any of the content presented – I am merely a memetic catalyst.


Game of Thrones on Cello

Seinfeld: The Parking Garage Intake

Ed Sheeran – Wayfaring StrangerFantastic

Usain Bolt: How to Win 100M

Wingsuit CaveflightUnbelievable courage

Borat’s Guide to Wine Tasting – Genius. He will be Freddy.

Kid Rock and Sean Penn: Political Stereotypes – Fun short from a very odd couple.

Quick Crew: Awesome DanceFantastic

Parks and Recreation: Patton Oswalt Filibusters on How to Fix Star WarsBrilliant, ultra-nerdy, and hilarious improv on the ultimate franchise conglomerate

Catcuum CleanerThe reason the internet was invented. Score cat concurs.

Hannibal Buress Pickle Juice StandupHilarious brilliance

Wet Washcloth in Space – Low gravity: the ultimate mic stand

Nestle CEO: Water Should be PrivatizedHoly shit… This is unreal. A voice of completely indoctrinated modern capitalism.

Tracy McGrady: 13 Points in 33 Seconds

Mexican Street Performer– Genius



Goddamn CookwareThe ultimate deglazing!

Five People

Twice the effort, Twice the Fun!

Andy Prokh: A Girl and Her Cat

Beware of Turtle

Cracking Ice

Moon + Venus + Sweden

Paul Friedlander: Kinetic Light SculpturesThis is mindblowing

Extreme Wood Carving: Seventeen Year MasterpieceDifferent parts of ONE piece of wood were used

Alice and Dorothy

High Speed Chase

Spinning Paint

Through The Flock

Heckler & Koch’s Conference Room

Royal De Luxe Street Marionette

Muscular Distrophy: A Photographic JourneyAwesome.

Tilt-shift Dubai



Nazca Lines DestroyedFinally, someone covered up that native graffiti! Fucking atrocious.

PEPSI Bartered With Russia for 10 Battleships and Some VodkaRussia won the PEPSI Challenge

Cooling Panel Developed

People in the South Aren’t Fatter: They are HonestFantastic. Take That America!

Solar Panels Could Destroy US Utilities – A report BY UTILITIES on their own dismal future



Star Trek: Into Darkness

Man of Steel