Whirled Wide Web – Early May

I spend a lot of time online. Here are the weird, stupid, and amazing things I discovered in Early May. Some of the links were emailed to me – Thank You! I lay no claim to any of the content presented – I am merely a memetic catalyst.


Of Monsters and Men – Kids Cover

Fur Elise – Jazz Hands

Proper Chess

Manic Pixie Prostitute – Funny skit

Lip Sync-Off with John Krasinski on Fallon – Hilarious

Ender’s Game — Trailer – Finally

Two Chips – Animated Drunk Short

This is Water by David Foster Wallace – Fantastic short based on his famous commencement address

A Message Only for Children – Genius

Google Street View Hyperlapse

Maker vs Marker

Censoring Done Right

Friendly Dating Advice – Funny short

Spring Break Anthem – Between Two Ferns, the Lonely Island crew, and Ed Norton team up

Pumpcast News: The Voice – Awesome

Matrix: Retold by Mom – Hilarious



Lucky Turnaround

Shoes That Bite

Tricksy Tricksy

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Military Having Fun

Disappearing Sculpture

Solar Flare

Stop My Baby!

Solar Dynamics Observatory

Unique Hotel


Hong Kong Vertically

World’s Best Father

Entrance to the Ghengis Khan Memorial


Scripps Pier

Halley VI: British Antarctic Research Station

Groening Family Tree – Something is very familiar about this family

Dating Advice

Bert and Ernie: My Brother’s Keeper – Directed by Michael Bay



Jeff Bridges Honored for Photography – Fantastic

Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach 400PPM – First time in 3 million years.

Timelapse – Awesome