TAOSFOLK Opens to a Lively Crowd

The famous Taos pop-up store, TAOSFOLK, opened last weekend with a celebration. More than 200 people browsed the art work of 38 local artists at the Stables Gallery. The store, which focuses on art made by Taos hands, is showing jewelry, pottery, felting, leather, and stain glass among other beauties. The store remains open through the end of July. There will be a Grand Finale Celebration on July 30 at 5:00-7:00pm to wrap up the month. Stop into the Stables Gallery near the Taos Center for the Arts or visit the website for more information.  Here’s a sneak peak into some of the art and artists you will see.

Mari Hawkes

Clay, an earthly material formed by the erosion of rocks sprinkled with feldspar, was there at the birth of civilization.  What an honor to sink my hands in this metamorphic substance to create vessels, useful and artistic.  Clay teaches patience, humility, the yin and yang of life. If you accept its challenges, it rewards you every time you open a kiln.

Marianne Fahrney

Crafting and art have always been a part of life.  I see creative potential in almost everything and enjoy giving items meant for the dumpster a prolonged and useful second life.  I combine my artistic interests to create repurposed sewn bags and wallets, fabrics created from paintings and drawings, and sculpted, painted or hand-cut jewelry.  Each item I create is hand-made and unique.

Annie Wild

Weaving is an ancient craft:  it was already there in the very beginning.  As I move through the process, I feel a connection to something that is elementary and very necessary to well being.  A spiritual endeavor, the twining of the fibers, combinations of hues and patterns, all speak to me of nature’s elements, from which I draw my inspiration.

Terrie Manget

When I was six years old I asked for fabric for Christmas and knew then that I wanted to be an artist.  I have since earned a degree in printmaking, attended museums and traveled the world.  Currently I make contemporary quilts and paint fabric designs. In the quilt world I am known as the pioneer in embellishment.  I love the potential offered by color, texture and the scale of imagery in quilt making.  All of this richness continues to lure me into expression.

Elaine Sutton

I see beadwork as the happy collaboration of the sacred and the sensual. It’s a meditative, intensely focused art form, one that opens many inner doors.  Beads speak in a shimmering, tactile language that everyone can understand.  I travel the world looking at and collecting beads, and create my designs from an amalgamation of tradition and imagination.  Check out her website.

TAOSFOLK is open daily from 10:00am-5:00pm, located at the Stables Gallery in Taos.

For more information on the artists and the shop, visit their website.


Thanks to Themistocles Lambridis for sharing his photographs of the TAOSFOLK opening celebration.