Taos Clay’s Pint Night — It’s their fourth annual and it’s going to be a good one.

This Saturday night, February 11th at 7 p.m., Taos Clay will be hosting its fourth annual Pint Night at The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House. The event is a fundraiser for Taos Clay’s resident artist program. Twenty dollars will get you a handmade pint which you can fill with a complimentary draft of beer.

taos clay's pint night

What Taos Clay’s Pint Night is all about

I joined the potters last year and had a great night. The best part is selecting your pint. Each cup is unique. They all have different shapes, sizes, scratches, squishes, and colors. It is a fantastic array of imagination, and you get to decide which cup suits your unique you, which can only be determined when you hold it, because if it does not feel right it simply will not do. I love my cup from last year. It keeps my beer cold and my coffee hot.

Once you select your pint you are right there in a beer hall filled with potters and their friends. It is a fantastic array of bon vivants, each complimenting one another’s choice of cup and wondering what detail was the deciding factor in its selection. Brent Berry and the Neighbors will be there this year, keeping a happy beat for the chit chat to rise above and about.

taos clay pint night

Support the Cause with Taos Clay’s Pint Night

The twenty bucks not only gets you a great cup, which is a deal in itself, but it also helps support a good cause. Taos Clay is a community clay studio which hosts three resident artists who have an opportunity to focus on all aspects of their craft. They have access to the materials and technologies necessary to produce their work, as well as a gallery space to sell, and the experience of managing the endeavor. The Pint Night is specifically aimed at raising funds to send these artists to Portland, Oregon for a conference where they can meet other artists, exchange ideas, and return to Taos with new ideas. The press release boasts that this is the largest gathering of artists on the planet. 

So head on down to the beer hall, otherwise known as The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House, this Saturday night. Support travel and the free exchange of ideas. Encourage young artists to come to Taos. Drink some beer and understand yourself in your cup.