Stories from Finland: An Interview with Sini Majuri

sini_1Sini Majuri is an artist and designer with a background in ceramics and fashion design. From Helinski, Finland, her glass art is on exhibit at David Anthony Fine Art (DAFA) as part of the 2014 Taos Art Glass Invitational. This is her first exhibit in the United States. Ms. Majuri is also a comic book illustrator.  When you see her glass art, her design and illustration background are certainly present. Her work, she says, always starts with pen and paper, and through the glass she shapes those illustrations into a multi-dimensional story.

Live Taos caught up with Ms. Majuri at DAFA on Saturday before her lecture on her glass blowing process to ask her a few questions about her work.

LT: How did you get from Finland to Taos?

SM: By airplane. [She laughs.] I had heard about Taos years ago. A professor had talked to me about Taos more than 12 years ago. He met Maria Martinez and told me about her ceramics. I also saw a documentary on Earthships many years ago. And I wanted to see them for many years. Suddenly I saw an advertisement about this competition [Taos Art Glass Invitational] and I was thinking that I had to go. I was so happy that I was able to come. For many years I have been seeing Taos and thinking about it. Now I’m finally here.

Why glass?

When I was very small girl, like 5 years old, my grandmother had this very beautiful glass bird at her house. It was made by this famous Finnish glass artist. I was always admiring how beautiful it was. I think glass is a magical medium to work with. If you don’t break it, it lasts for thousands of years. You can see inside of it, and when you are working with it you cannot touch it with your hands. You shape it with your breath and with tools. It is like a wild animal that you need to tame.

How long have you been working with glass?

Only five years. I have have a background in pottery and ceramics. I have made kiln-casted glass and ceramics with glaze, but I have only been blowing glass for five years.

While you’re in the states what is the one thing that you have to do before you go back to Finland?

There are so many things we want to do. In Taos, we have to go to the hot springs. When we got here we wanted to see bull riding. We tried to find a rodeo. We searched the internet for a rodeo competition. When we got there, there were small girls riding little ponies. It was really funny and sweet.

For more information on what’s happening at other galleries and with other artists, check out our other coverage of the Taos Glass Art Invitational. The Invitational has lectures, demonstrations and events happening until November 9th and beyond.

Sini Majuri’s glass art is on display at David Anthony Fine Art (DAFA) located at 132 Kit Carson Road in Taos, New Mexico. DAFA presents artworks from Taos and around the world, considering all genres, mediums and artists, in an environment that is accessible and welcoming to all. Visit their website at or call them at 575-751-0075.

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