Parse SECO: Angel Brynner’s [RAW] Eurythmy

image00Parse SECO is hosting an ambitious curator for the next two months. Angel Brynner will be introduced on Monday December 5th at five p.m. in the little space with no great agenda, there between Abe’s and the Cow. Along with Ms. Brynner will be her show [RAW] Eurythmy, an assortment of large scale illustrations, hand knotted latter day macramé costumes, one of a kind jewelry pieces, collages, photographic projection and music- all in the service of providing a sensory experience of an ethereal universe which the artist explored in a series of dark fantasy novels.

I am very happy anticipating this happening. Ms. Brynner seems uniquely poised to fulfill parse SECO’s mission with style and depth. Her resume is prolific. With roots in men’s fashion design, sprouting into underground fashion shows in New York and Tokyo, and flourishing as a full fledged artistic space invader, Ms. Brynner has executed numerous installations of large scale images and collage.  She has also managed to write the series of novels which have inspired her current show.

The artist brings a tender and courageous heart to her work. When speaking of words, she wishes to make “books that actively pursue those who have been raised to be terrified of art and sometimes even the world. . . my goal being to gingerly remind them that it is simply the world we all once knew and loved early on as children.” When approaching collage, she focuses on “building up divergent imagery into expressions of hopefulness as well as how rooted we really are in the ruins of all that has gone before us, and life is what we creatively do with those components.”

As research confirms that trauma is carried from past generations in our blood, any thinker or artist who wishes to understand the nature of the problem and offer a path forward is a welcome guest in my city. Taos is about to undergo a transformative decade. Many members of our community may suffer and many old resentments may resurface. The spirit which we bring to this change will define our community.

One positive aspect of change is Parse SECO. Formally established in September 2016, the space is an experimental creative space that provides a unique platform for artists, musicians and creators to present immersive experiences for the community. They strive to provide a safe house for expression, learning, and therapy through art.


It is really a wonderful gift. A resource that is necessary and important. Our visitor arrives prepared to install relics of her universe in the center of Seco, and we and our neighbors are invited to immerse ourselves in her world. Our host’s only wish is that we transform the anxiety of fight or flight into the joy of play and discovery. Somehow we are allowed to wonder what that might look like as we marvel at the many knots which flowed from the artist’s fingers when she needed to know what dress her character wore, what ring she adored. What raw eurythmy might be.

Everything is going to look great.

There will also be music. So the room will sound great, too. Christian (resident audio tech) works very hard to make things sound good in that room. Mr. Alex Dupree will be visiting us from Austin to celebrate the opening. If you catch this in time and can make it to parse SECO at five p.m. on Dec. 5th, please support this space by welcoming its newest curator.

[RAW] Eurythmy Can be Seen at PARSE SECO December 5th – February 2nd, 2017 Saturdays and Sundays 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Parse seco is located at: 487 State Rd 150 Arroyo Seco, New Mexico (312) 593-3948