Tinariwen at Taos Mesa Brewing: Tuesday, April 22

Tinariwen is coming back to Taos.

They’ve had a huge year, with their new album EMMARR receiving rave reviews and their international tour selling out all over the world. Since we last saw them, Tinariwen has been to Chile, Italy, India, and Nashville; later this year, they’re headed to Glastonbury, Finland, France, and Luxembourg. Their stop in El Prado on April 22 is a serious nod to our own Taos Mesa Brewing and Roots and Wires Productions, and we strongly encourage everyone to get out and support — it’s shows like this that will keep Taos on the map as an international music destination.

Plus, last year’s show out at TMB was fantastic, and packed — here are just a few of our favorite shots:

Roots and Wires Presents
Taos Mesa Brewing
Tuesday, April 22, 8:00pm