Q&A with Truckstop Honeymoon

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Photo by Shannon Brinkman

The stupendous Truckstop Honeymoon from Lawrence, KS are currently on their way to Taos to perform at the Adobe Bar at the Historic Taos Inn on Sunday, May 25th at 7pm. I highly recommend that you go to this show!

Truckstop Honeymoon consists of husband and wife duo Mike and Katie West. Their music ranges from boot-stompin’ bluegrass to straight up rock ‘n’ roll. Once you get a taste of their tight instrumentation, bittersweet harmonies, and undeniable chemistry, you’ll be sold for life.

We caught up with Truckstop Honeymoon on their way to New Mexico and asked them a handful of questions…

Q: Do you have a favorite American truckstop?

Truckstop Honeymoon: The Tiger Truckstop in the Atchafalaya swamp basin near Lafayette LA….where we spent our honeymoon night!  Live tigers pacing around in cages in the parking lot  cheap, hot coffee.

Q: You travel all over the world with kids in tow. What’s the most challenging thing about fitting all those bodies into one vehicle?

TH: Getting out the front door of our house!  We pack pretty light really….

Q: Tell us your favorite joke about musicians.

TH: Is that supposed to be funny?

Q: Any chance we’ll ever get to see 40 Watt Dreams play in Taos?

TH: That would be really awesome!! If we can ever swing it we will bring it.   A festival perhaps?

Q: What’s your favorite mythological creature, and why?

TH: Selkies. Romantic sea life stranded somewhere inland is reminiscent of my soul.

Q: What’s the coolest music festival you’ve ever played?

TH: Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland Australia, it was our first gig in Australia and we met so many amazing friends there. It was set up like a parallel universe where everyone was sort of happy and well fed and full of art.

Q: What’s your least favorite instrument, and why?

TH: The recorder. Could never get the hang of it at school.

Q: Choose one: Richard Gere or Tom Cruise?

TH: Tom Cruise

Q: If you have the technological capability, please include a photograph (or a few) that best encapsulates how you are currently feeling, or how you’re feeling about your upcoming show in Taos.


Photo by Jason Dailey