Jimmy Stadler: What Makes Him, Him

I caught up with my boy J-Stad and asked him a few questions about life, his music, and his upcoming Taos Academy student music performance on the 10th at KTAOS


Young Jimmy playing his guitar.

Young Jimmy playing his guitar.

Kevyn: I was stoked when I heard that you are the music teacher at Taos Academy! What’s your favorite thing about working with the kids?

Jimmy: I love to see their response to music and that fuels me to teach. Secondly if you’d like … when you spend 3 to 4 hours a week with the students I get to know them a bit and it’s mind boggling and a lot of fun.

I like the challenge of trying to have them keep up with me.

Does your approach differ when teaching an adult how to play their first instrument versUs a youth?

Honestly I treat my students the same. Everyone needs face to face and someone to tell them they can do it. Internet lessons are great but they don’t smell like your teacher and hopefully that’s a good thing! I also give gum to my students so we all smell good!

You have been keeping Taos rocking for quite some time! Where do you look for inspiration?

Fortunately inspiration finds me. I was at a party the other night and Mat and Charlie’s little girl sang “Let it Go” and I was playing the piano. It was a beautiful music moment. I live for those moments. I guess every time I play I find those magical moments…could be The Alley Cantina…could be KTAO…could be The Taos Living Center, which always rings true.

What is the coolest thing you have ever done?

Cutting the umbilical cords of my two sons.

What’s your favorite place to play outside of New Mexico?

I have been playing recently in Westcliffe, CO. I do a concert there once a year (for 5 years) and it is a really cool venue. Outside and I play solo. I get to do the originals and I’m not trying to get people to dance. There are many Texas venues, but [Westcliffe] is my latest and most frequent OOT.


Who is your favorite historical figure?

Howz about two? Jesus Christ and Sitting Bull


What can people expect from the Taos Academy Charter School’s Fall Music Show?

Our three bands have worked hard. Some students have just started playing in the last two months. You will see what happens when more advanced students meld their talents with the novice. There will be great moments and then who knows?


And finally: Tom Cruise, or Richard Gere?

Richard Gere.


Check out the Taos Academy Charter School’s Fall Music Show at the KTAOS Solar Center on November 10th at 7pm.