Cowgirl’s Train Set : Sunday July 27th at Taos Inn

Cowgirl’s Train Set is a self described  “gypsy-tainted love child of Earl Scruggs and Camper Van Beethoven, home-schooled by Split Lip Rayfield”. They are an energetic Americana band from the legendary little music town Lawrence, Kansas. They are playing at the Taos Inn Sunday July 27th at 7PM.

Cowgirl's Train Set from Lawrence, Kansas

Chris Valencia, Jeff Williams, Mike Calvillo, Hank Osterhout , Chad Buck, Erin Parr and Al Moews


What is your favorite thing about being on the road?

Playing music together every day, experiencing new places through travel and band bonding.


What is the worst thing about being on tour?

 The Van smells.


Have you ever been to Taos? What made book a show here?

Hank and Erin have been to Taos (1/3 of the cowgirls…). We booked Taos because Hank visited extensively as a youngster when his older brother worked in organic farming with the Llama Foundation. Hank has also played gigs at the Taos Inn with the band Deadman Flats, and has always enjoyed your town. Plus, Erin is a good Taos-visit manifester.


Tom Cruise or Richard Gere?

Richard Gere, hands down. 


What kind of vehicle are you driving on tour? What album do you most listen to while on tour?

1990 Dodge Ram B350 named “the Destroyer”…we’ve been listening to Queens of the Stoneage, “Like Clockwork”.


How long has Cowgirl’s Train Set been in a band?

6 years.

Take a listen to a sampling of the band’s tunes online at