Invent Event: Saturday at Enos Garcia

Last year’s Invent Event, brought to us by Taos gem Twirl, was a riot of technology, art, exploration, and joy. Kids of all ages engaged in activities ranging from robotics to sewing to painting to 3D printing and so much more. Don’t miss this year’s event — Saturday, April 23 from 12 – 5pm at the Enos Garcia gym. Find all the details here.

Not sure you’re able to attend? Let this LiveTaos photo gallery from last year’s event convince you it’s worth the time — and then keep scrolling to see the giant list of amazing things that will be at this year’s event.


Giant Marble Run (Twirl/Explora)
This station explores law of gravity, force and motion through a giant ramp marble ball run. Participants will be able to use materials from the “ingredient table” to manipulate the ball run!

Chain Reaction (Twirl/Explora)
This station investigates how changing the balance of objects can make a domino effect. Participants will be able to use a variety of pulleys, levers, ramps and other materials to explore cause and effect and make their own chain reactions

Simple Machines (SmARThouse/Twirl/Anansi and Taos Academy Student Demos)
This station explores cause and effect in the shape of simple machines. Participants will be able to create their own simple machines and be inspired by Rube Goldberg machines created by students from Anansi Charter and Taos Academy.

Alternative Energy Vehicles (Explora)
This station presents the concepts of solar, wind and biofuels through playing with and testing out different alternative energy vehicles.

Solar Everything (PPC Solar)
This station provides an introduction to a variety of different applications of solar technologies including wearable solar panels and solar powered train tracks and roller coasters.

Hack Everything (Twirl)
This station facilitates design-make-play by hacking and r-re-purposing old gadgets, items and toys into new inventions, with wire, glue, string and all materials possible! Encourages kids to look at old stuff in new ways, and provide a fun way to explore tools and materials. Kids will be able to take apart old electronics and see what goes into making technological equipment.

Paper Play (Enos Garcia/Jodi Irons).
This station explores geometric and non geometric folding of paper, playing with paper and understanding the steps of origami. Set Up: Demo and DIY, with lots of different colored paper and projects. Display of paper scenes on wooden benches.Giant Origami/Suspended Paper Play Hanging Mobile

‘Nine Beating Hearts” and Hand Sculpture (Toolbox)
See and interact with two incredible kinetic sculptures made by local artist Christina Sporrong and learn about The Toolbox’s adult makerspace classes.

Tantalizing Textiles (Pieces/WhollyRags/Anne-Marie Emanuelli, Judy Lockwood, Prairie Rose Gottschau/Lindsey Moreland)
Objective: This station facilitates hands-on weaving on a giant loom and sewing by machine and hand.

Pop Top Upcycle (Sarah Basehart/SECOnds)
This station explores inventive ways of reusing soda can pop.

Little Bits and Circuitry (Twirl)
The station will provide opportunities to explore and invent with Little Bits, and exciting new magnetic electronic building block!

Lego Mindstorms (Electric Sheep/Students)
This station will provide opportunities to discover the world of Lego Mindstorm robots and participate in simple challenges.

Bot ball (Taos High School/Tracy Gallighan)
This station will provide a demo of Taos High School‘s Bot Ball robots and team skills.

Woodworking (UNM)
This station provides opportunities to use woodworking tools and create in wood.

3D scanning and printing (Electric Sheep)
This station provides an opportunity to see this exciting new technology up close and learn the principles behind it. Kids will be able to take apart old electronics and see what goes into making technological equipment.

Projecting Particles (STEMarts Lab, sponsored by The ATLAS Project @ CERN and The Harwood Museum.) 
This maker station facilitated by students of the STEMarts Lab shows how they create projection art inspired by particle physics, with hands-on coding and particle physics demonstrations.

Print Press Everything (Ventero Print Press/Randy Pijoan/Enos Garcia/Russell Phillips/Sarah Hart/)
This station will demonstrate and provide opportunities for printing using various printing methods including silkscreen, t-shirt, manual and print presses.

Stop Motion Animation (Twirl)
This station provides opportunities for kids to try their hand at stop motion movie making with fun objects, play dough and various backgrounds.

Tinker Toddlers (Inspire)
This station allows the smallest participants to play with shadow, light and sound.

Outdoor Stations

Drone Demo Station (Steel Labs)
This station will showcase various drones and demo remote viewing goggles.

Reflection Station (PPC/Carl Rosenberg)
This station explores reflection technologies and simple solar power conversion, with direct results including cooking in a solar oven!

Catapult Corner (Twirl)
This station facilitates exploring ballistic devices, without electric machinery. Kids will be able to create their own catapults and launch marshmallows, cotton balls and various non sharp objects into the air! Twirl will host a giant catapult range for flinging teddy bears into orbit!

Tetrahedral Kite flying and Display(Twirl/Enos Garcia After School kids)
This station showcases a kite made of Tetrahedron shapes by the Enos Garcia schools after-school program that will hopefully take flight at 4 pm!

Outdoor Nature Games (FIT)
This station makes and shares nature in game form, with opportunities to play Pine Cone Bowling, Nature Bocce and Mini Zip Lining!

Twirl Truck (UNM/Twirl)
This station will showcase the Twirl Truck project in the planning phase. Visitors are invited to check out the plans and renderings and provide input on this innovative play and discovery concept that offers the potential for mini Invent Event type programming year-round throughout the community.

Bubble Fun (Rocky Mountain Youth Corps)
Geometric bubble making exploration!

Watershed Watch Club (David Gilroy/Students)