Glam Trash Fashion Show Hits the Taos Plaza Runway

This weekend, Saturday September 17th, the Glam Trash Fashion show returns for its 14th year. It’s a free community all-ages event and this year they’re moving the runway to the Plaza!


Photo Courtesy of Jared Kellogg Photography

Glam Trash got started as the brain child of the women behind Arte De Descartes, Taos’ own annual recycled art show, as a way to augment the festivities and showcase up-cycled fashion. Over the last 16 years it has become a Taos fall staple. Participants work year round to lovingly craft outlandish, sweet, daring and poignant creations from found and recycled materials. When I asked Nicole Kowalski, one of the show’s organizers, what Glam Trash meant to her, she put it quite simply, “Glam Trash is litter into glitter.”

The show is working with the Town of Taos this year, and in addition to its change in venue, the show will also be amplified, enabling viewers and enthusiasts to hear exact details about the materials and crafting process of each participant’s masterpiece.


Photo Courtesy of Jared Kellogg Photography

Always drawing a large crowd, Glam Trash has participants from ages 2-70 and is an inspiring way to get the community rethinking trash. When milk cartons become a pleated skirt right before our very eyes, suddenly the garbage can becomes a hot bed of creativity instead of just another plastic bag on its way to the landfill.

I also asked Kowalski about why she thought Glam Trash was important to the community. Her response encompassed a lot of what it means to be here in Taos. “Glam Trash is outdoors, free, and fun, so it draws a wide crowd. You get to see a lot of faces you don’t usually see all together. It’s a groovy and happy party atmosphere. It speaks to some of the big things we love about Taos: creativity, uniqueness, eco consciousness, eccentricity.”

So come on out, Taos, and see your friends and neighbors sparkle and shine along the runway of recycled art.

Glam Trash Fashion Show
Saturday September 17th
4 p.m.- 6 p.m. on Taos Plaza