Bizarre Bazaar – A Burlesque Circus!

burlesqueStep right up, step right up! From freakshow to fabulous, animalistic to exotic, featuring clowns, coquettes, marionettes and more: this Saturday, July 12th, the Unstrung Pearls host the Bizarre Bazaar, a circus-inspired evening of dance.

The Unstrung Pearls is a collaboration of several local dancers, united through their burlesque background. Together, they dreamed a dream… a weird and wonderful dream of a circus. Their vision for a grand spectacle of dance and wild performances has come to life, and it rolls into Taos Mesa Brewing Company this weekend, promising a dazzling array of delights.

First, a freaky and ferocious routine sets the stage for a wild night, followed by dances from around the globe: belly-dancing, flamenco, and even a “tinikling” performance all the way from the Phillipines. Clowns, stunts and surprises galore will entertain and amuse, leading up to a racy burlesque magic show. Beloved local actor and barker extraordinaire Kristian Moore is lined up to MC the evening’s entertainments, with the help of his lovely assistant Rita O’Connell.

Doors open at 8 pm at Taos Mesa Brewing, and tickets are $10. Come one, come all, to the greatest show on heels: the Bizarre Bazaar, this Saturday night!