Misfits, Malcontents, and Mystics III


Clint Murphy’s Misfits, Malcontents, and Mystics series has drawn two huge crowds to the Taos Center for the Arts already this year, and on Wednesday, December 2, they’re working on bringing us the biggest one yet.

The Taos-centric storytelling series actually grew out of a different event series, brought to Taos from California by Wurlitzer fellow Carolyn J Martone, called Lit Up Writers. Lit Up Writers was presented twice at Metta Theatre, first produced by Carolyn and a second show arranged by John Biscello. “When it came time for a third event, I asked if I could produce it,” said Clint. “However, in the ensuing process it came out that the manner in which I wanted to do things was drastically different enough to not really be in the spirit of Lit Up. Hence, Misfits, Malcontents, and Mystics was born.”

Trust a Taoseno to take a good idea and make it Taos-ier; in this case, by designing each event to benefit a local nonprofit. The first Misfits was a fundraiser for The Paseo — “I applied a theme of ‘Taos stories’ to the first event because I wanted to celebrate this incredible place we live, which is a place unlike any other that I know,” said Clint. “I had only planned on doing the one event, but the response was strong enough that it seemed to warrant a continuation.”

The second Misfits raised funds for Golden Willow Retreat Center, and for the third event next Wednesday, they’ll be raising money for Taos Cancer Support Services. Cancer Support Services coordinator and all-around great guy Jason Pfeifer is helping organize the event, which will feature eight local writers including Ted Wiard, Todd Loomis, and Christine Sherwood.
“People should come out and hear these stories because our stories are what make up who we are in this moment,” says Jason. “Who we have become is based on what has happened to us, and stories are the vehicle in which we can explain that to the world, and bring others closer to understanding and connecting with each other.”

A cancer survivor himself, Jason will be one of the eight writers at the event. “Having had cancer has certainly shaped who I am today and who I continue to become,” he added. “The majority of the decisions I make on a day to day basis come from the story I will be sharing at the event.”

The Taos Cancer Support Services Program provides alternative and holistic treatment and care to those that are experiencing cancer in our community. The costs and stressors associated with having cancer go far beyond the medical, and CSS provides things from gas cards to food vouchers to yoga, acupuncture and massage. “Most folks in Taos who are dealing with cancer need to go to Sante Fe or Albuquerque, or beyond, for treatment,” says Liz Fox, assistant coordinator of Cancer Support Services. “Living in Taos is an added expense when something like this happens, and that is part of the urgency of the CSS mission.” Proceeds from Wednesday’s event go straight towards supporting this program.

In closing, I asked Clint who his favorite readers so far have been — his response is good guidance for anyone planning to become a future Misfit:

“Favorite readers? Anyone who is authentic,” he said. “I love that shit.”

We love that shit, too, Clint.

See you out there.

Wednesday, december 2, 7pm
Taos Center for the Arts
$10 at the door
all proceeds benefit Taos Cancer Support Services

Featuring Debra Higgason, James Nave, Rose Dianarde, Jason Pfeifer, Todd Loomis, Ted Wiard, Taylor Werner, and Christine Sherwood.

Missed the last Misfits, Malcontents, and mystics? You can watch it here: