Runners for Boston

As I’ve noted before, Taos is marvelous at rising to the occasion to respond to a wide variety of national and international movements and tragedies.

Proving that point once again: on Sunday, April 28, run in solidarity with Boston! Meet at Kit Carson Park at 9am for a road run, distance of your choosing.

Says run organizer Erin Howard:

“I have been a runner for 25 years, I love it. It is freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Any race fosters the best within oneself–overcoming obstacles, reaching goals. Races also are the raw, unadorned best about competition: how others can push you, how you can share in the beauty and pursuit of your best.

When I heard the bombing news it was like being kicked in the gut. Though I’ve never run the Boston marathon (I qualified then got pregnant) that race is a holy grail. I’ve run many other races and love the camaraderie and the excitement.

Yesterday it hit me that I needed to grieve and stand in solidarity with other runners. A run like this can bring us in our lonely pursuit together so that Boston knows we bear witness. We are here, and we will continue on in our pursuit of happiness.”

Erin intends for the event to be a fundraiser — any donations collected will be sent to the Boston Athletic Association. She’ll also be making some t-shirts available, so even if you’re not a runner yourself, head on down to pick up a shirt and cheer the runners on!


runners for boston

Sign up here on the facebook event page.

As a former Boston resident myself (and let me say: once a Bostonian, always a Bostonian) I just want to add that it warms my heart to see my current home rising up to holler at my old home. Thanks, Erin & friends!