ReNeux Celebrates its Grand Re-Opening

4B7A3625ReNeux, the charming women’s fashion boutique at 126 West Plaza Drive (that little bit that sticks off the southwest corner of the Plaza — directly opposite the top of Ledoux Street), is celebrating a Grand ReOpening on on Friday, July 3, from 6 – 8pm. The new owners, Romy Sandoval and Jamie Rann, are excited to invite you over to celebrate with them and check out the changes to the store.

Romy and Jamie took over ReNeux from Shawna Yambire in April. “It was actually very serendipitous,” Romy told me last week when I stopped in for a look around. “A friend of ours was working here, and she knew my background as a stylist and in fashion. She said ‘You have to meet Shawna — she’s been waiting to find the right person, and I think you guys are going to hit it off.’ So I called Shawna, set up an appointment, and it all happened in a matter of two weeks.”

4B7A3620Romy is a stylist who has worked on commercials and in the film business for 16 years, a job which has kept her traveling consistently. In the past two years, though, she has put down some roots in Taos with her partner Jamie Rann, so she started looking for something a little more permanent here. “I had even mentioned to Jamie, ‘Oh, it’d be great if at some point we could open up our own little women’s boutique, and I could go to the city and shop and bring stuff here.'”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing. ReNeux will continue to consign clothes, but Romy is adding a retail component to their offerings. “Shawna was strictly consignment, so that’s probably the biggest change — I’m bringing in what I like to call affordable retail, so you can come in and get something that’s not going to hurt your wallet. I try to find unique pieces; I want a person to come in and find something and feel like they’re not going to go around town and see someone wearing the same thing.” She still travels for work about every six weeks — most recently she found herself in Austin, where she hit the shops to bring some pieces home to Taos.

“I feel like a stylist for the town,” Romy says. How on earth, I ask, do you even begin to style for a town with tastes as eclectic as those of Taos? “You get to know your customers; you get to understand what the client is about, their likes, their dislikes, their style. When I shop I keep in mind everybody’s different styles.” I ask her if it’s like having a giant closet in her head, and she laughs. “Actually, that’s a really good way of putting it.”

I’ve always been a big fan of ReNeux, and Romy and Jamie have done an excellent job building on what Shawna began. The shop is familiar enough that long-time customers won’t feel displaced, but the recent tweaks are lending a new energy to the boutique. The addition of retail is a strong one, in a town with a lot of women’s consignment but limited options in affordable contemporary fashion.

But as far as consignment goes, they’ll definitely keep that component going. “People bring in a lot of great stuff; there’s a sense of community, with people bringing things in and everybody helping each other out.” That’s not to say that she’ll take just anything — “You want to come in here and get the best pieces, the most unique pieces, the fun pieces.” (Check out ReNeux’s Consignment Guidelines at the bottom of this story!)

When you pop into the store, you may see Lisa Sharpe or Jamie’s mom Pat working the counter along with Romy. “It’s great having help from the two of them, who’ve been here for a long time and know a lot of people,” Romy tells me. At this point she and Pat shift gears, helping a customer who’s trying on a great dress with an unusual side zipper detail. The three of them laugh and chat comfortably, and the customer goes back into the dressing room looking convinced.

“Above all we want women to come in here, have fun, not be intimidated,” Romy explains. Her joy in working with people and fashion and clothes is evident — but you don’t have to take my word for it. Drop by the Grand Re-Opening celebration on Friday and find out for yourself about the new ReNeux — “we’re different, but we’re not different,” says Romy with a smile.”Come and check us out!”

Missy’s Organics next door is going to open her doors, too; come on down for a fun evening of fashion and skincare, and support some local entrepreneurs while you’re at it! The party will be held in and around ReNeux on Friday July 3, 6 – 8 pm, with music by Kirry’s Kitchen (made up of Kirry Nelson, Jamie Rann, and yours truly).


Romy and her mother-in-law Pat outside ReNeux



ReNeux Store Policy on Consignment

This is the abbreviated store policy; ask at the counter to receive the full detailed sheet!


ReNeux accepts consignment Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11 – 4.


Women’s current styles, in season, designer label and vintage fashion; handbags, shoes, and accessories.


30% of the final sales prices by check OR 40% of the final sales price for in-store credit.


Consignment agreements have the term of 30 – 60 days from acceptance. They may extend that period if they think the item will sell. All money must be collected and all store credit must be used within one year.