Morning Star Farm Offers Biodynamic Course

Melinda Bateman of Morning Star Farm in Arroyo Seco will be offering a weekend Biodynamic Farming Course this Saturday and Sunday at Farm House Restaurant.

On Saturday, the 12th, a brief introduction to Biodynamic Farming will be given, followed by stirring Biodynamic Preparation #500 — aged dung of a cow from a cow horn — into water to be made into a spray and applied to the Farm House field, as well as Biodynamic pioneer Maria Thun’s Barrel Compost (cow manure, egg shells and basalt, which serves as a compost “spray.”)

Sunday, the 13th, attendees will build a compost pile and insert the six biodynamic preparations into the pile.

It’s a chance to see first-hand how Biodynamics works, going beyond Organics (the term “organic” was coined from Biodynamics). For more information on Biodynamic and Melinda, visit the website here.

Classes start @ 1:00p.m.

Stirring Preparation#500

Melinda Bateman of Morning Star Farm hand-stirring Preparation # 500