Gorilla Theater Comes to Taos Mesa Brewing

screen__GorillaTomorrow night at Taos Mesa Brewing, Teatro Serpiente presents the first annual Gorilla Theater — a 32-hour page-to-stage theater festival showcasing local writers and actors.

With 7 writers, 17 actors, that delicious TMB beer, and the backdrop of Taos Mountain, this is the theatrical event you don’t want to miss.

The seven writers were each randomly assigned just a few writing prompts (they chose a prop, a theme, and a group of actors out of a hat), and the actors are now waiting eagerly in the wings.

Writers (in no particular order):

  • Ned Dougherty
  • Steph Bailey
  • Alfred Robert Finelli
  • Alfredo Sanchez
  • Cole Katz
  • Aaron Boswell
  • Nathan Patches Pim


  • candlestick
  • pipewrench
  • lead pipe
  • pistol
  • rope
  • mag light
  • a copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

Themes (note: Woman can naturally be substituted for any of these Mans):

  • Man vs. Man
  • Man vs. Animal
  • Man vs. Technology
  • Man vs. Faith
  • Man vs. Society
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Man vs. Family

Actors (in no particular order):

  • Patrick McMurray
  • Gina Gargone
  • Simón O’Brien
  • Scott Tennant
  • Patrick McMurray
  • Adam Overley-Black
  • Cole Katz
  • Rich Greywolf
  • Tenney Walsh
  • Serena Smith
  • Ryan Maestas
  • Karla Eoff
  • Jaz Cordova
  • Roe Ziccarello
  • Erin Eagleton
  • Patrick Boswell
  • Tamara ?

The writers are working even as we speak, and will deliver completed 10 – 15 minute scripts tomorrow morning at 10am. Actors will convene at Taos Mesa Brewing at 11am and begin the arduous task of blocking, directing, learning lines, and maybe even some acting. At 7:30pm all troupes will draw a time slot, and showtime is 8pm sharp!

Come support this fantastic group of Taos talent. We’re guessing that there will be laughter, tears, and general theatrical mayhem; and we can PROMISE there will be beer and hilarity.

Gorilla Theater
Taos Mesa Brewing
Saturday, June 22
Performances at 8pm; come early to watch the process!